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(Right to Education)
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"MGVCL hails RTI applicant
પોલીસ અધિકારીઓ ને સાહેબ સંબોધન કરી બોલાવવા જરૂરી નથી
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Using RTI to Pull up Fair Price Shops in Kalol Taluka of Gujarat
Citizens using RTI to make the administration work according to rule
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Central Information Commission
State Information Commission
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સફળ કિસ્સાઓ:
Publication: Times Of India Ahmedabad;
Date: April 29, 2008
Section: Gujarat
Page No:8
Cops needn’t be addressed as saheb: SP to RTI query
(પોલીસ અધિકારીઓ ને સાહેબ સંબોધન કરી બોલાવવા જરૂરી નથી)
Vadodara: Next time you visit any police station for lodging a complaint, you don’t need to address the police inspector as ‘saheb.’ You can just address the cop by using respectful words. A superintendent of police (SP) has stated in a reply to a query under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, that police officials need not be called saheb.
Banaskantha SP, Vipul Agrawal has stated in the reply that there is no rule or notification which states that police officials or government officials should be called saheb. The query was submitted by Vipul Patel in October last year along with a number of other queries.
Patel made the application after being verbally abused by the police inspector of Deesa town police station in Banaskantha. “I went to the police station with the matter and requested police inspector Z Varsat to intervene. I addressed him as Varsatbhai. Varsat refused to intervene in the matter and instead abused me verbally. He asked me salute him and call him saheb,” Patel said.
“I refused to follow his instructions, so he asked me to leave the police station. I approached the area deputy superintendent (DySP) JD Katara and informed him about the matter. Katara too behaved rudely and said that, I should address him as saheb,” added Patel, who runs Aastha Charitable Trust in the city.
Patel got miffed and made an application under RTI Act in which he asked whether there was any rule to address government officials or police officials as saheb. He also asked if police officials were allowed to abuse the complainants, visitors and applicants.
Agrawal in his reply dated December 7, 2007 said that, there is no rule to address cops as saheb and no police officer has a right to abuse and misbehave with the complainants and even the accused. “Why should the citizens address cops including the police commissioner as saheb? They are public servants and get their salaries from the taxes we pay,” Patel said. “It is just that we need to address each other in a suitable and respectful manner. It helps both citizens and the cops in serving the purpose better,” said Vadodara joint police commissioner Praveen Sinha
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