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માહિતી માગો
સરકારી કચેરીઓમાં બારીઓ પર પડદા શા માટે ?
તમારા શહેર, જિલ્લા કે ગામમાં ચાલતા જાહેર કામોનું સ્થળ પર નિરિક્ષણ કરો
અગત્યની વેબસાઇટો
"માહિતિ અધિકાર અધિનિયમ ૨૦૦૫"
(Right to Information)
"આરોગ્ય સેવાઓ મેળવવાના અધિકાર"
(Right TO Health)
"શિક્ષણ મેળવવાનો અધિકાર"
(Right to Education)
સફળ કિસ્સાઓ
"MGVCL hails RTI applicant
પોલીસ અધિકારીઓ ને સાહેબ સંબોધન કરી બોલાવવા જરૂરી નથી
RTI revives Panchayat Social Justice Committees in Gujarat
Using RTI to Pull up Fair Price Shops in Kalol Taluka of Gujarat
Citizens using RTI to make the administration work according to rule
Karnataka villagers insist on Right to Food
Public Information Officers
Central Information Commission
State Information Commission
States RTI Rules
State Public Information Officers / Chief Information Commissioners of States
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Dear Sir

Came to know about RTI website in Gujaratri through Times of India today. It's a wonderful experience to visit the site and have all the information at one hand from 'safal kissao' to Sample application form. I'm sure; this initiative will help a large number of "havenots" to exercise their Right to Information Congratulations for such a useful initiative.


Dilip Chauhan

Anchor- 'Janvano Hak' Programme, Doordarshan, Ahmedabad

Email: diliprchauhan@yahoo.co.in  

Contact Phone: 9825446010



Very Good Website. The question you can ask to raise to the public is Why there is a separate "toilet" for officers and the staff? Does not this violet discrimination against the basic facilities? In government offices?


Well Wisher



Really Informative Website. Please keep it up. Can you help to get information from State Bank of India, Ahmedabad. SBI are not providing the address of accused person, case of cheque bounce

Ajay Singh

Email: info@arianindia.com   

Contact Phone: 9427523669



A Good Site. My friend's application for amending personal details like date of birth after six months to PAN authority elicits no response. How to proceed?

Prabhakar Mehta

Email: prabhakar0415@yahoo.co.in

Contact Phone: 2652486387



I appreciate the work done by you -- do you want any volunteers?

P V Vithalani

Email: pvvithalani@yahoo.com  

Contact Phone: 9825673520



U r doing jan seva. Jan seva ej Prabhu seva. Fantastic ....Plz, carry on.

Devang M. Patel

Email: devangmpatel@yahoo.com  

Contact Phone: 09426543313



It is really an excellent initiative to make the people aware about the act as well as for the process of getting information in very easy and systematic way. This initiative will help the people in their daily life as normally general population afraid of going to any govt.  offices for demanding any information. It is also a good initiative by Patel for enforcing such rules to the authority to help general public. Keep it up supporting the people and I wish to support such NGO like you who really work for the betterment of the society.

Pinal Patel

Email: pinalpatel2000in@yahoo.co.in  

Contact Phone: 9898088306



Nice to have website on rti in Gujarati. I am RTI and Consumer activist at Junagadh and extensively contribute at www.rtiindia.org as jps50. My blog is at www.jps50.blogspot.com. U can freely use material from my blog for this website. I will try to contribute in Gujarati. Pl intimate to me email so that I can forward my write-up in Gujarati. Thanks for your initiative.


Email: jpshah50@yahoo.co.in  

Contact Phone: 9924106490



Excellent work please do start a forum and add more features on the website my heartiest congratulations

Nilesh Suchdev

Email: suchdevs@gmail.com  

Contact Phone: 9377050700



RTI website in Gujarati launched by city activist - Vadodara
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